The easter egg in action53™ volume 3: Revenge of the Twins

Hidden in Action 53 Volume 3: Revenge of the Twins is a 32768 byte .ar file containing some hastily made trinkets, inspired by how various older games sometimes contains unusual data in unused space. This TCRF bait failed to catch, but shortly later the Action 53 lead programer got some “cheeky messages” found in another game.

MIME-type           Name                               Size
[..] Parent Directory text/plain easter-egg.txt 156 text/plain ascii-art.txt 1863 text/html README.html 1546 text/plain robots.txt 23 image/svg a53-logo.svg 1042 image/svg INL-logo.svg 3458 text/x-asm pkb.s 1464 text/x-asm coredump.s 10844 text/x-c prg.c 226 text/x-shellscript 83 image/x-icon favicon.ico 70 image/png walpaper.png 8379 image/png background.png 201 font.chr 2048 image/png palette.png 354