256 Byte Things

Please be patient as descriptions for all these pages are still being written.

[TODO: Write how the 7 different visualisations are constructed]

Empty files

Bit shuffling and Permutaions

[TODO: Explain what a permutaion of 256 bytes is, and the concept of address byte mapping]

Random Permutaions

Fractional Digits

[TODO: expand and improve the phrasing of the following]

Mathimatical constants repersented in binary with the most significant bit of the first byte being the first binary digit

Since most of theese are ratios which have reciprocals, For each 256 byte repersention I chose the one that has the number be 0 <= x < 1

Large numbers

Unlike the fractional digits I have these arranged in little endian order.


Historical bits


Links (which may be put here if I can't fit them in the individual pages above)